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An Example Writing Exercise

As an experiment during the close of the 2014 Spring term, I wanted to torch the artistic impulse within my students by having them generate a group poem— a simple, instant project illustrating the creative writing process on a basic level.

Over the second half of the course, we had discussed the cultural shift from Victorian attitudes into Modernism, Postmodernism, and Post-postmodernism; I wanted t o leave them with the notion of logic behind experimental forms of self expression— of the various rebellions within the different strands of thought that braid the current poetic landscape— even if some of them would never look at modern writing ever again in their lifetime.
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Teaching Philosophy

From the variety of classes taught, I have learned motivation of student creativity is essential to begin the learning process. Usually this entails encouraging their artistic instincts, building up self-esteem, and permitting unique concepts of self expression. Most barriers established between the course material and the students are constructed by internal fears or external distracting resources.

A manner of establishing motivation during lectures is the use of simple, brainstorming activities, warming up their right brain thought process. Through sketching, acting, or generating lists as a group, the room collectively warms up to receiving new information. Likewise by promoting diversity, students begin performing beyond expectations, and also begin testing their own limitations.

Whenever possible, one-on-one tutorials generate a stronger bond between the student and the course material. Oftentimes questions emerge easier when an audience remains limited to the instructor and the college pupil. Before or after class I often establish meeting times with individuals throughout the term session. In this way, the teacher confirms the knowledge gained by the novice and clarifies any necessary issues.


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