GD160||Basic Web Design
   Summer-I 2016
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     General Links
           • What to do When You Miss a Class
           • Academic Calendar  •
           • WCJC Library Databases  • Issues with Library Database, call: 979.532.6509
           • How to Create APA Headers using MS-Word
           • MLA Guidelines: Works Cited Pages: Anthologies
           • MS Word Template (.DOC) : MLA expectations
           • Finding and Documenting Resources
           • Signal Phrases for Summarizing, Paraphrasing, & Quotations
           • MLA 2009 Expectations

     Items of Interest
           • Your Brain on Poetry  • On Sentimentality
           • Literary Works Create Empathy  • 45 Ways to Avoid the Word "Very"
           • Over-viewing Television  • Climate Realities: NYT Sunday Reveiw
           • What Happened to Downtime?  • Too Young to Die, Too Old to Worry: NYT Sunday Review
           • Why Creative People are Eccentric  • Diversity of Coded Language for Sexual Intercourse
           • The Standard Formula for Stories  
           • What IS a Metaphoric Thinking?  
           • What is Experimental Literature?  
           • Free books for Download Why Not to Use Wikipedia for Academic Research



           • Course Materials are archived beginning with Spring 2009.