Apple, Pomegranate, Plum
[A Collective Meta-Modern Poem]

[Wharton County Jr. College—
English 1302-20249]

1. Sean Dalby
2. Jovany Hernandez
3. Alex Green
4. Derek Farris
5. Marissa Giaimis
6. Ryan Flynn
7. Rayan Zeitoune
8. Madison Osborn
9. Lorna Herff
10. Riley Reeder
11. KendriaWright
12. Julian DePlano
13. Desireé Caudillo
14. Jessica Beltran
15. Valerie Ventura
16. Michelle Rendon
17. Aaron Robertson
18. Casey McDaniel
19. Alexa Reynolds
20. Marivel Perez


1. Citrus is complimented with sugar. What a messy fruit.

2. What is a pomegranate? Is it some type of granite? Probably not.

3. Red with seeds. Sweet sometimes and can be bitter, sometimes. All depends the time of the year. Grows on trees and has a red and light brown color.

4. Red, juicy stain, oh how mother will be sad again… my guilty pleasure, red pomegranate.

5. A million seeds threaten to burst forth. Crowned before day and first sun.

6. The pomegranate falls from the tree. The little boy runs to pick it up.

7. Stains the fingers pinkish red. Such little fruit contains a lot of juice.

8. Complicated to peel, but worth it in the end. A delicious mess.

9. You eat the seeds. A blood red color.

10. A fruit or vegetable. A juicy fruit.

11. A dark red, plum-like fruit. A pomegranate is linked to being the forbidden fuit eaten by Adam and Eve.

12. Thirsty. Freshness.

13. A pomegranate is a tasty fruit. Is it sweet or sour?

14. I have a pomegranate tree in my backyard. Pomegranates have way too many seeds.

15. Brown, bubbly, addicting always so good. Health may fail, but at least it was worth it. Tough skin with bubbly insides.

16. It is sweet and delicious. A very juicy fruit.

17. It’s food of Greek gods; food of modern man. It’s very seedy, somewhat bitter, but it is an okay fruit. Is it a fruit? Probably. Grown in Georgia. Oh wait, that’s peaches. They are orange.

18. Grown from the ground. Fuel to the body.

19. A lot of work for a tiny, rewarding taste. Post-enjoying, they give you stained teeth of a cannibal.

20. It is sweet, but it takes patience to experience it all. Billions of seeds covered in jelly, trapped in a ball.



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