Apple, Pomegranate, Plum
[A Collective Meta-Modern Poem]

[Wharton County Jr. College—
English 1302-22187]

1. Hanna Duong
2. Kevin Tovar
3. Kevin Williams
4. Camille Cartledge
5. Leighanne Rivera
6. Taylor Barnes
7. Brandol Jurado
8. Vinh Nguyen
9. Rabia Samma
10. Conor Voll
11. Catherine Goldin Blais
12. Bill Pitiranggon
13. Stephanie Muñiz-Melendez
14. Johnnie Hitzel
15. Victoria Garcia
16. Kevin Dang
17. Mir Alikhan
18. Brenna Berry
19. Zachary Wright
20. Fay Heflin
21. Royall Allen



1. Plums are such an ugly fruit. They are neither sour nor sweet. The thought of plums are unappealing.

2. What is that? Round, purple, and small. Fat, and the taste,— what is that?

3. The plum rots away in the bright field. Crows spot it from above and swoop down to investigate. As they jostle over who will be the first to take a bite, a bigger crow swoops in and steals it.

4. The plum was round like woman’s bosom. Bright orange and yellow, the plum kept my attention. I told myself just one bite, but soon I was at the pit.

5. Round and purple. Smooth to the touch. Skin so tight it pops when bitten.

6. I’ve never actually had a plum. I expect it is very juicy and purple. Maybe I’ll go get a plum later.

7. All there was to eat that day was a plum. When she opened her lunchbox, she was expecting an apple, not a plum. She closes her eyes and bites in the sweetness.

8. Plums are delicious. Plums are a way of life. Plums are my creators.

9. Round ball of sweet, juicy goodness. A deep shade of purple, like an eggplant. Squishy, but delicious.

10. A plum reminds me of the beep beep beep where I work.  An order, a basket, each order different, with many fruits and veggies. I forget the PLU code for plum, but a large peach is 4044. Funny thing is, I’ve never tasted either.

11. A plum is a purple fruit. It tastes sweet, if it’s ripe, and sour, if it’s not. It comes from a tree.

12. Plums taste very sweet when they are cold. Eating plums on a hot summer day makes me feel relaxed. The seed is the worse part of the plum.

13. I don’t know much about plums. The only thing I do know is I used to watch my grandmother eat them on the front porch on Sunday afternoons.

14. Succulent and violet fruit. Tender flesh gives way to tears of juice down my chin. Sweet shards of flavor envelope my mouth, tempting me to eat more.

15. Purple plums plump with juice. Roll around the counter onto the floor and out the door.

16. They’re nice and juicy. Soft on the outside, hard on the inside. When they start to wrinkle, they become prunes, just like my grandma.

17. The plum is nice and plump. The plum is “dirty sprite.” Nice, tight and tangy on the outside, and sweet, soft, and juicy on the inside.

18. Plums are so violently purple. They are hard on the outside and soft on the inside. To me they taste horrible.

19. Plum colored flowers in a meadow. A plum varies in size, from small to large. Plums are tasty in pies, according to nursery rhymes.

20. The plum is juicy. The plum is plump. The plum is delicious.

21. A small, juicy, and purple food. Why do they have to be purple? The purple food I’ll never eat.




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