Apple, Pomegranate, Plum
[A Collective Meta-Modern Poem]


[Lone Star–CyFair College,
English Composition & Rhetoric 1302-5019]

1. Stacia Bennett

2. Corey Bloom

3. Desirae Burrus

4. Deonte Davis

5. Sam Duarte

6. Jayben Garcia

7. Beau Graeter

8. Alexis Jackson

9. Rocio Joya

10. Jenny Lozano

11. Marita Padros

12. Zack Reese

13. Maria Zeigler

1. Apples are a fruit, a tree’s blossomed ovary. They are tantalizing and come in many different shapes, colors, textures, and flavors. Some say it’s the fruit that gave Adam and Eve knowledge, so I try to eat them frequently.

2. An apple is round and can fit into the palm of your hand. A green apple is sweeter and more enjoyable to eat than a red apple. An apple is also what the fruit was on the forbidden fruit in—

3. Apple: sweetness or sourness from nature. Apples turn rotten after opened or bitten into. Very juicy and appetizing.

4. I witnessed a little worm leaving a punctured apple. I then knew the apple was no good.

5. A bright, red apple that gleams off the sunshine, it blooms from a flower and makes its home among the treetops. Apples are sweet and tasty, but can also be bitter and sour.

6. They are very hard and come in different bright hues. They are associated with wisdom and are good to eat. They’re sweet and symbolic.

7. An apple can be many various colors and sizes. Some can taste a bit more sour than others.
8. It is red or green.  It is crunchy and crisp when you bite it. The green apples are tart and sour.

9. An apple is sweet and juicy. Apples are not my favorite fruit. The apple is sitting at the corner of a table.

10. There are so many apples: fuji, jazz, pink lady, red, green, opal, and all organics. All apples have different tastes; they can be sweet, simple, sour, and juicy.

11. An apple grows on a tree. They are red or green and taste very sweet.

12. There once was a big, red, juicy apple. I ate the apple and it was good.

13. Apples are red, round, juicy, and delicious. As you bite into it, your taste buds are bursting with flavors, leaves your mouth watering.



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